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SPG Food Prep Equipment.

If you want to satisfy the complete needs of your customers, remember that SPG offers the broadest selection of food prep equipment in the marketplace. We can provide:

Any equipment: Nobody offers a wider selection of kitchen essentials — from workstations, sinks, cabinets, shelves and tables to equipment stands, carts, dollies and even floor troughs.

Any material: Wire, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and plastic — in a variety of thicknesses.

Any finish: Plating Plus®, PolyGard®, Grey Bond® and Gold Bond® finishes protect your customers' equipment.

Any size: The lengths, widths and depths to precisely fit your customers' space.

When it comes to innovative ideas in the kitchen, only SPG offers so much convenience, flexibility
and efficiency to your customers. Consider that:

SPG's Wall Trax™ channel and grid system is uniquely designed to maximize the value of unused wall space — and accepts a wide range of accessories.

SPG's Freestyle® Prep Station increases workspace utility by eliminating uprights — and can be expanded easily and economically.

SPG's Universal Adjustable Ergonomic Table allows you to adjust the height of the work surface to provide a custom fit for each member of the kitchen staff.

You and your customers can Expect More — because when it comes to food prep equipment, nobody offers a wider menu to order from than SPG.

Largest Selection Available

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