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No matter what needs moving or what the environment or floor surface may be, using the right cart for the job is essential to maximizing economy, productivity and efficiency. That's why SPG offers so many choices — in styles, materials, finishes, capacities and features.

Food carts … platter carts … dollies … utility carts … stocking carts … flatbed carts ...
U Boats … nesting carts — virtually every type and size of cart your customer may need is available from SPG.

We make carts in a variety of materials including wire, aluminum and stainless steel. We offer solid, tube, wire and Plasteel® shelf surfaces. Our extensive selection of casters includes a range of styles, sizes, widths, stems and wheels.

Each SPG cart is designed and built to exacting standards to ensure optimal performance and maneuverability — plus the heavy-duty durability to provide years of reliable service in a commercial environment.

When it comes to carts, your customers can Expect More from SPG — more performance, more durability and more choices than anyone in the industry.

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