Over the last year, we’ve updated our business,
our marketing and our web site.

Have you?
Less than a year ago, we told you and your customers to Expect More — and we've delivered more ever since. SPG has improved service, raised efficiency and created greater satisfaction among both our customers and theirs. We are a whole new company with a whole new identityyet an audit of SPG dealer and sales rep web sites shows that many are still using our old name, outdated logos and incorrect contact information.

In order to maximize the value of the SPG brand, we need your help to eliminate any trace of our old identity from the marketplace. To that end, we have assembled all of the current logos, artwork and information and placed it in the download section of spgusa.com. So, if you haven't done so already, we're asking you to:

1   Update your web site with our new company logo and contact information — and delete all old logos and outdated information from your files
2   Change any links on your web site or in customer e-mails to www.spgusa.com
3   Make sure you use our correct name and logo in your future sales presentations and promotional material

It is essential for our business — and yours — to project a strong, consistent identity in the marketplace in order to prevent any potential customer confusion.

This is an important initiative — so thank you in advance for your prompt action.

Learn about all SPG offers you and your customers:
visit www.spgusa.com or call us at 877-503-4SPG (4774).

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