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The Universal Stainless Steel Adjustable Ergonomic Table is designed with a fold-away hydraulic crank so the height of the work surface can be easily adjusted. As a result, it provides a customized fit for each of your customers' employees — and persuasive selling points to you.

Ergonomic Table

Available in 48", 60" and 72" lengths, with a choice of stainless, poly top or maple work surfaces.

Here are just some of the benefits your customers will get from this innovatively designed table:

  • It raises efficiency and output: staff productivity is increased when everything is within reach and tasks are performed more quickly and accurately.
  • It lowers injuries and expenses: when workers are more comfortable, there's less stress and strain that can lead to injury, fatigue and workers compensation claims.
  • It lowers absenteeism and employee turnover: and can dramatically reduce staffing difficulty and hiring costs.
  • It can be customized with casters, undershelves, drawers and virtually any option available on conventional tables.

When you consider all the bottom-line advantages it provides to your customers, the Universal Stainless Steel Adjustable Ergonomic Table virtually sells itself…and is just one example of the innovative ideas SPG is bringing to the marketplace. You can Expect More.

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