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When it comes to efficient PWC storage,
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Introducing the Gillis-Jarke PWC Airector
by SPG

There are a million personal watercraft (PWC) in use throughout the USA. Now, SPG offers a simple, efficient and cost-effective way of storing PWCs. The Gillis-Jarke PWC Airector MR-0103-60 maximizes space while making PWC storage easier than ever before.

  • This system is ideal for winter storage and "put in" service
  • With its modular, high-density design you can stack up to 5 PWCs on one rack
  • The Airector will increase cube utilization of both indoor and outdoor facilities
  • Posts slip in and out of base sockets for fast and easy tool-free assembly
  • Its quick setup and teardown delivers greater flexibility and requires no permits
  • Post tops have "funnel targets" that interlock with base "plugs" for simple, safe and secure forklift stacking
  • Additional post heights available for greater versatility

The Gillis-Jarke PWC Airector is the right choice for marinas, boat dealers, repair and maintenance centers, warehousing, manufacturing, even resort operators.

The marine industry offers a unique sales opportunity for SPG dealers, and the PWC Airector offers a unique storage opportunity to customers. Of course, both our dealers and their customers can always Expect More from SPG.

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PWC Airector

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