SPG + ERP = Enhanced Customer Service

By uniting some of the best brands in the storage equipment industry, SPG gave consumers a single source for virtually all of their storage and material handling needs. That "single source" concept is now being carried to a higher level with SPG's new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System.


With this new system, SPG customers will have a single point of contact with SPG – no matter which product line or type of product they purchase.

"It's all about simplifying the buying process and improving and enhancing the customer experience," notes Ricky Stephens, Chief Operating Officer for SPG. "Through this system, customers can place and track orders from all the product lines sold by SPG, but that's only a beginning.

"SPG's new ERP system assures customers of consistency in pricing and data, and we can provide both electronic and hard copy order confirmation — again, all from a single source," adds Stephens. "Whether customers are buying shelving or carts, racks or workstations, AMCO or ISS, Kelmax or Universal, the entire process can be managed through just one contact."

Many of these benefits are already available to SPG customers. As the ERP system becomes fully integrated, customers can expect even more enhancements.

"In the very near future, we're going to set up portals into our system that will allow customers to log in with a secure password to obtain real time order status, and real time order tracking," comments Stephens. "We'll be able to share with customers all kinds of information — when an order is manufactured, shipped out, in transit, essential information that will add efficiency to their operation."

With its Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module, the ERP system will also improve inventory management, assuring that SPG will have the right product and raw materials on hand to meet customers' needs, control costs, and speed delivery.

"Throughout our organization and the manufacturing and distributions processes, we'll have a higher level of efficiency," explains Stephens. "We'll be better able to control material and labor usage, streamlining manufacturing processes and allocating resources more efficiently. It all translates to a level of value for our customers that goes beyond cost to more precise, cost-efficient management of their entire order."

SPG's new ERP system will enhance virtually every aspect of customer service. Internal sales reps now manage multiple product lines across an array of manufacturing facilities, tracking orders in real time. A new warehouse management system, utilizing bar code scanning, is also in place assuring order accuracy and real time updates on order status.

"It's an amazing system," concludes Stephens. "It allows us to update or change orders on client requests instantly. We can even interface with suppliers and carriers electronically to assure on-time delivery and provide real time order status. The new ERP system is transforming our company, improving the way we do business.

"It's also proof that when we tell customers that they can expect more from SPG, we mean it."

Contact SPG to learn more about our new ERP system and what it can deliver to your business.

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